Thermal label

One more kind of self-adhesive labels made in our typography is a thermal label.
Thermal labels, that are also often called thermal checks, are an important element of modern systems of automation of points of sale, inventory accounting and logistics. Thermal label is a consumable material for bar-code printers and automatic scales majority.
Thermal label popularity is based on simplicity of goods or product coating and on relatively low price either for a label itself or for a printer printing necessary information. Thermal labels are widely used for goods marking with variable information on the use point.
Product type, weight, expiration date, bar code, shipping address or ID and other necessary information are stated on thermal labels. Thermal label manufacturing is produced on self-adhesive paper rolls and this allows to mark goods quickly and easily without complicated devices usage.
For thermal label manufacturing in each particular case we select special self-adhesive materials and adhesives. Thus, depending on the task, thermal labels can be resistant to dampness, grease, oil and other specific chemicals. If a label is made for some certain storage conditions and transportation modes then specially selected materials would preserve thermal label surface from mechanical effects traces and scuffing. An adhesive backing secures a firm affixment on complex and flexural surfaces, labels are not unstuck and not gotten spoilt even in case of storage in freezing chambers with the lowest temperatures.
Besides functional tasks solving thermal labels also often bear decorative and image loads. You can meet thermal labels either without any print or with flexo printing.
Our typography is equipped with all required fitments for printing, cutting and rewinding of thermal labels. Finished thermal labels rolls can be formed on special rewinding machines in compliance with customer's specifications. Thermal labels on rolls wound on bushings of any seize are available in our typography. Rolls can be formed in compliance with labels quantity limitations on a roll or with the exact specification towards external roll’s diameter.

Information for consumers: backing (liner) of self-adhesive labels can contain silicone.
Labels are not intended for direct contact with food products.