Labels and stickers

Production of labels and stickers is one of the main directions of our business.

Printing of labels and stickers is similar to printing of self-adhesive labels. The difference generally consists only in the field of application. Labels are most often applied for the advertising purposes, stickers – for designing of points of sale.

We have a huge experience of production of stickers and labels for production and designing of points of sale, for promotional offers in retail trade. We offer printing of labels and stickers both in rolls and in sheets or by the piece depending on requirements of the customer.

Our technologists will recommend an optimal material and glue type for production of labels and stickers, select colours and post-printing processing in order to emphasize the design the most favourably. They will also control the quality of finished products.

Labels and stickers: from design to production.

Many our clients use labels (stickers) in their work. Our printing office offers not only production of any printing runs of stickers and labels but also development of a unique and attractive design.

Stickers and labels for your business.

Labels are used with different purposes:

             1) Marking.

  1. A label (sticker) serves as the main label for piece goods and contains all basic information on it. The sticker can be made of various materials (paper, film), in different colour scores (full-colour or black-and-white) and with various finishing. For further information please refer to the section “Self-adhesive label”

When sticking on mass package with the goods the sticker fulfils a function of informing of the contents. Such labels are generally printed on self-adhesive paper in 1-2 colours. Labels are also used for informing of the goods properties in addition to the main label: colour, size, production date and so forth. For example, a single label with a company logo is printed on the body of a lipstick, and a sticker with designation of a shade number is printed on the bottom.

2) Opening control.

In this case the label is stuck simultaneously on a can and a cover and when removing a cover it is broken. For this purpose special self-destroying films and paper are used or sprocket holes are put on the usual ones. Such labels are the most needed for food products, cosmetics and pharmaceutics.

This can also include so-called “patches”. They are labels without print, most often transparent. They are stuck on boxes or packages so that they don’t open in the course of transportation or warehousing. To use these labels for repeated opening and closing (as on wet napkins or grits), we can offer a unique operation of partial damping of an adhesive layer.

Labels with holograms are used as additional protection of a product against counterfeiting.

3) Promotional offers.

Producers use various methods of drawing attention to their product. One of the main is placement of a promo sticker on a product which informs the consumer of the sales promotion, discounts, gifts, increase in volume, taste improvement, improvement of quality and other new positive qualities of a product.

Sometimes promo stickers can be multilayered. For further information please refer to the section “Multy-layer label”. One more option of application of stickers is designing of points of sale (shelf talkers, stoppers and so forth).

In this case labels are also used just as a gift (enclosure in goods for children, in magazines).

Information for consumers: backing (liner) of self-adhesive labels can contain silicone.
Labels are not intended for direct contact with food products.