Shrinkable label

Besides self-adhesive labels «Pechatny Express – Flexographia» typography offers shrinkable label manufacturing for those customers who use original packaging types or packaging with sophisticated geometric shapes for their products. In some cases shrinkable label usage is the only option.
Shrinkable label manufacturing technology can be divided into 3 stages. The first one – images are printed on the inner film roll surface and this ensures applied “pictures” safety from mechanical damages and scuffing. The second one – a sleeve is formed from sealed web and if it’s necessary the roll is cut across the web into labels-sleeves of required seize. The third one – a sleeve label made from a roll is put on a product and then a shrinkage is being made in electric or steam shrink tunnel. A shrinkable film is being pressed under high temperatures and the label tightly clings to a surface and precisely follows a packaging form.
For shrinkable label manufacturing we use materials which have various physical properties: transparency, gloss, thickness, ultimate strength, friction and tension factor, shrinkage temperature, percentage and time of shrinkage. But PET- and PVC-films are most widely used. PET-film is used in cases of necessity to get higher quality of printing and/or higher level of heat shrinkage. Moreover PET-film is more friendly for environment. PVC-film is shrunk under lower temperatures and is more resistant to the external environment. It is used in cases of minimal customers’ requirements for label’s properties.
Compared with other label types shrinkable labels have many advantages and positive properties. When heated the shrinkable label follows closely a packaging and is able to take any geometric shape, it can be coated on various materials: glass, plastic, metal and wood. The shrinkable label allows to hide small flaws of a tare or packaging itself: air bubbles, chips, overlaps, junctures and so on.Combination of original design with unconventional packing shape allows to create unique product design effects. Usage of absolutely transparent films shows a product to a consumer allowing to appreciate product’s attractive appearance and neutrality. There is also one more very important property of shrinkable label – often it ensures the integrity of a packaging and an item’s opening control .
At first having won popularity in Asia at the present moment shrinkable labels are used worldwide and almost in all branches of industry: for canned food, sauces, dairy products, confectionary, also for pharmaceutics, cosmetics, household chemicals and so on. But although shrinkable label has already won great popularity it’s capabilities are not used in full in our packaging market.
In accordance with our customers’ requirements we can offer manufacturing of high-quality shrinkable labels in rolls or by the single-piece with running or crosswise perforation.