Multi-layer label

This kind of label consists of a basic part (a common label for an item) and of one or several removable layers over the basic part. So it's like a kind of "sandwich" of glue and films. That's why such a label is sometimes called "a sandwich label".

A multi-layer label has a lot of advantages:
- it allows to place a large content on a small-sized item (for example, ingredients, application advices for cosmetics or pharmaceutics);
- you can use both external and internal sides of the label for placing information;
- it eliminates the production of additional paper information leaflet or promotional booklets;
- it gives an opportunity to make variations of the same label in different languages;
- it serves as an additional advertising field;
- it's uniqueness favorably allocates the product among competitors and attracts attention of the consumer.

There are varieties of multi-layer labels, for example:

Multi page booklet label serves not only as a label itself, but also as an advertisement. On its inside pages you can place a mini-catalog of items of given series, the history of the product, recipe or puzzles for children.

Coupon promo label is used for conducting promotions, contests, raffles. Almost every consumer will get acquainted with the competition conditions, as the information comes directly into his hands. Coupon-layer label is convenient for conducting advertising: for example, the top layer can be used as a coupon to be mailed to the organizer, and on the lower layer one can place detailed conditions of the promotion.

Listed advantages convince a lot of customers to choose a multi-layer label instead of other kinds of production.

Information for consumers: backing (liner) of self-adhesive labels can contain silicone.
Labels are not intended for direct contact with food products.