Labels for motor oils & car care chemicals

The manufacture of motor oils is the industry with fierce competition. Tough requirements for the advertising and informational functions of labels predetermine specific product properties that restrict the choice of materials. The label on the motor oil canister should have high barrier properties in relation to water vapor, fats, chemically active substances, microorganisms. The optimal choice for labeling plastic canisters is polymer film based on 50-100 µm polypropylene (PP). It provides top clarity and saturation of the image on the container with high resistance to environmental factors that can affect the packaging during storage and use of motor oil.

Key advantages of PP film

  • top printing properties;
  • resistance to oils and other corrosive agents;
  • resistance to mechanical stress;
  • ability to preserve the original properties in any temperature range acceptable for storing the contents of the packaging.

To label plastic canisters, PP self-adhesive labels or in-mold (IML) labels that do not require any special sticky layer are used.

Labeling technology

The in-mold technology makes it possible to get a high-quality labeled packaging for motor oil through one production cycle. The printed and cut label on PP, OPP or BOPP is placed inside the casting mold or blow mold and, when the canister is molded out of melting plastic, fused into the finished container. In the process, the maximum bond strength of the label with the packaging is achieved.

The label is fused in without distortion of colors and shapes. The image features top aesthetic properties and remains unchanged throughout the lifetime of the container. When choosing material for the production of a fused label, the film of the same polymer that was used to produce the decorated package is preferred. In this case, the labeled canister can be recycled. Taking into account the requirements for the quality of images and text, flexography is the best way of making labels for motor oils. This technology provides a photographic reproduction of images and close-to-offset printing quality of text (even with a small font).

Requirements for label information

The core requirements for motor oil labels refer to oil classification in compliance with SAE, API, ACEA and/or GOST 17479.1-85 “Motor Oils. Classification and designation”. Labels may contain advertising information, extra recommendations for the type of engine and/or approval of carmakers, recommendations for use, etc. The dimensions of the fused label and the ability to deal with complex shapes help to place all product details and use marketing tools to catch attention. Label polymer film provides extra lamination or backing.

The facilities of Pechatny Express – Flexographia help to produce IML and self-adhesive labels of any complexity. We accept layouts that meet the specifications of the printing house. Upon customer request, we can develop the design and layout on our own.