Self-adhesive label

«Pechatny express – Flexographia» typography specializes in manufacturing of self-adhesive labels for various branches of industry.

So called «dry» label has significantly reduced its market share for last 10 years. It was replaced by more technological self-adhesive label which is usually flexo printed.

The label quality strongly affects the success of product sale. A label made competently is one of the main ways to gain the customers’ trust, in addition it can give a product figurative representation. Creation of such “selling” label requires professional skills and usage of considered decisions which take into account number of factors in aggregate: from consumer psychology and color spectrum manufacturability to material safety and marking convenience. After all high-quality labels may fully multiply product competitive qualities but labels made anyhow may complicate sales significantly.

Label manufacturing in compliance with certain storage conditions, modes of transportation and also products usage according to industrial sector specific character is very important. For each new order we select individually the type of materials and adhesives, varnish properties and primers and all types of necessary post-finishing types. In self-adhesive label manufacturing we use UV-inks – bright and resistant to external influences.

One of the important requirements for self-adhesive labels is printing permanence and result repeatability from circulation to circulation. The label should always look the same – it ensures recognition of particular manufacturer’s products. Since foundation one of our typography priority lines of development has been standardization of all manufacturing processes and implementation of a multistage quality control system.

Our typography is equipped with the latest technology. Equipment of European leading manufacturers allows to produce self-adhesive labels with the combination of several printing types; such as UV-flexo printing and screen printing, printing with such sophisticated kinds of finishing as cold or hot foil stamping, inline and selective varnishing, lamination, congreve embossing and many more . To ensure an order execution within the period all manufacturing operations are duplicated due to the presence of two or three identical equipment units for every stage of self-adhesive label producing.

For each branch of industry we offer a special technology and methods of self-adhesive labels production which take into account final product properties, its characteristics and purpose.

Food products
Alcohol and beverages
Cosmetics and perfumery
Household chemicals
Oil and car chemistry
Building materials

Information for consumers: backing (liner) of self-adhesive labels can contain silicone.
Labels are not intended for direct contact with food products.