Banding tape

A banding tape is made of white or transparent film, white or kraft paper, various laminates. A tape for banders can have any width, with application of high-quality raster or spot colour image or without printing. For bigger expressiveness we can offer our customers the cold foil (two foil types simultaneously).

There are four main ways of a banding tape use:

1) As a single label on a product.

In this case the tape is put on a tray with confectionery products, greens, packings with vegetables and other food products and is the face of a product, and it contains all the necessary information about it.

2) As an additional promo-label.

Here the banding tape can contain information about the promotion conditions, bonuses or new properties of a product. It can be also used instead of brand scotch tape for multipacking.

3) As a substitute for a gummed label (for a self-adhesive label).

It is not always possible to use a self-adhesive label for paper or textile products, since the adhesive layer can damage a product or spoil its appearance. A banding tape can serve for such products not only as a main single label but also as a packing for one or several articles.

4) For packing of products without label function

A tape without printing is used for banding (binding, forming) of bundles of money, labels, sealing lid and any other products that are stored in the stock.

We can prepare rolls of the required diameter and with different sizes of cores. Technically the design of the banding tape is limited practically by nothing. We can offer printing up to 10 colors with the cold foil.

Our tape was tested for the majority of banding machines of leading manufacturers.