In-mould label. Car care products producers use iml-labels more and more frequently.


Car care products producers use iml-labels more and more frequently.

In-Mould Labeling or IML technology is a promising and progressive one in the field of labeling plastic packing. The essence of the technology is as follows: thanks to the molding process conducted under pressure the label becomes an integral part of a canister, container or other plastic tank. In-mould label are produced from various types of films (PET, PVC, etc.) The best ways is when the label and the container are made of the same material.

One of the applications of his technology is the production of containers for car care products: trays, canisters and other blown and thermally formed containers.

IML is a reliable and selling package for the car care products.

In-mould labeling has several advantages compared to the self-sticking ones:

• Constitutes a whole with the plastic container;

• Does not fade, wear out, is resistant to mechanic wear;

• Insensitive to aggressive chemicals, the differences in temperature do not affect its  look;

• Remains perfectly smooth and readable irrespective of storage and transportation conditions;

• Is the efficient protection from piracy, which is an important factor for car care products.

Of all the multiple product labeling options, the in-mould labeling is profitable for the following reasons:

• Container production and labeling are the constituents of the same technological process;

• Higher car care liquids packaging rate may be used;

• Convenient polymer source material sparing: label is a part of the package;

• Image application onto the sides of the containers increases the durability of the latter, as the label serves as a sort of safety lining.

The use of IML labels improves the image of the car care products in the eyes of the consumers, boosts the reputation of the brand