Multiple opening and closing labels


Besides normal printing on polyethylene, polypropylene and super transparent materials we mastered the manufacture of multiple opening and closing label with a selective adhesive layer which is usually applied for such production as wet wipes or paper pocket handkerchiefs.

Current wet wipes market is developing very fast and dynamically. Trying to keep abreast of needs of manufacturers of such products «Pechatny Express – Flexographia» typography installed a technology that is fully responsible for tasks of printing of high qualitative labels–tabs for multiply opening-closing which are used for example for wet wipes wrappers. The following requirements are taken into consideration:

  • partial covering and partial adhesive layer absence (the back side can be colored at the same time),

  • usage of special material that allows to open/close a tab multiply times without «fractures»,

  • the adhesive layer is keeping all its characteristics during the whole wet wipes wrapper service life not allowing spirit and etheric additives with which a wipe is impregnated to vaporize,

  • a tab closing the hole can have any form – from usual rectangular to figured.